Rental Conditions


Immo Barneda Roses, S.L., domiciled at Avda Jaume I nº2 and NIF B550572202 registered in the REGISTER MERCANTIL DE GIRONA,, acts as the legal intermediary of the owners of the accommodations it sells.


The amount of the lease is that indicated in the particular conditions of the booking confirmation or contract, where the amount of the lease, the supplies and all those extra services that the client has contracted are related.

Form of payment

The form of payment will be 30% of the total amount at the time of booking, and the rest will be the delivery of keys and entry into the accommodation. the pre-reservation and maximum 48 hours, the company reserves the right to cancel the pre-booking in case of not receiving in that period the proof of payment made, the payment can be made as follows:

  • Bank transfer:
    Society: Immo Barneda - Roses SL
    Bank: Caixa de Girona
    Account: 2100 8175 83 2300038706
    Iban: ES37 2100 8175 8323 0003 8706
    Bic / Swift: CAIXESBBXXX
  • Postal Order:
    Society: Immo Barneda - Roses, S.L.
    Address: Avda Jaume I nº2 Bjos; 17480 Roses (Girona)
  • Credit card:
    In our offices upon delivery of the key
  • Cash:
    In our offices upon delivery of the key


The lease rental period is specified in the particular conditions of the contract, the keys will be delivered between 4:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. on the first rental day of the contracted period In case the client finds it impossible to comply with the schedule, IMMOBARNEDA must inform the IMMOBARNEDA staff of the scheduled time of entry so IMMOBARNEDA staff can organize it, otherwise IMMOBARNEDA is free of any obligation, losing the renter the payment on account made upon confirmation of the reservation. The departure will take place on the agreed day at the latest at 10:00 am, and you must inform IMMOBARNEDA 24 hours in advance of the exact time of departure, with the client being responsible for depositing the keys of the accommodation in our offices, as well as leave the accommodation as you found it.

In the event that it is impossible for the client to comply with the scheduled schedule, there will be a charge of € 3 and IMMOBARNEDA must be informed of the scheduled time of entry so that the IMMOBARNEDA staff can organize In any other case IMMOBARNEDA is free of any obligation, the tenant losing the payment on account made to the confirmation of the reservation.

Depositary of guarantee

Upon delivery of the keys, the lessee will deposit a deposit in favor of ImmoBarneda, sl for the indicated amount of € 300. At the end of the contract, the client undertakes to deliver under the same conditions in which found the accommodation, the furniture or its utensils, being responsible for all the damages that are caused during the lease as a result of its misuse, even those caused by domestic animals, otherwise, the corresponding amount will be deducted from the guarantee deposit to the cleaning, repair or correction of the corresponding deterioration.


The consumption of electricity, water and gas are included in the price of the contract.In the case of gas bottles that are empty, the customer must contact and bring the bottle, in opening time to the public, to the facilities of ImmoBarneda so that they deliver a full one. The final cleaning is not included in the price of the accommodation contract, this will be paid on the day of occupancy, being mandatory. € 45, € 50, € 75, € 100, € 150 (depending on the number of rooms). Bed linen and towels are not included in the rental price, you can rent them with us or bring them from your home.

Community norms

The accommodations integrated in a community of neighbors will be governed by its internal regulations and / or bylaws of the community, in the case of community facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, etc ... they are not open throughout the year, the opening and closing dates depend on time, demand, hygiene and other factors, for this reason IMMOBARNEDA is not responsible for the closure of facilities within a community complex due to factors unrelated to the company's own intermediation management. rent, likewise the clients will be responsible for their safety by the use of them.

Contract Resolution

ImmoBarneda may terminate the contract automatically in the following cases:

  • The excess of occupants in an accommodation, for which IMMOBARNEDA may demand the name and identity document of each of the occupants at any time
  • The cession or sublease of all or part of what this contract is object to
  • The modification of the location of the furniture of the accommodations
  • The realization of any activity that conflicts with the municipal regulations and with the usual uses of coexistence, hygiene and public order or that impede the normal rest of other users of the property, complex or urbanization

Excluded responsibilities

ImmoBarneda will not be held responsible in the following cases:

  • Thefts, losses or damages that may be suffered by clients during their stay in rented accommodation
  • The power cuts of large companies such as electricity, water or gas
  • The breakage of household appliances or any other device that forms part of the accommodation will be notified to ImmoBarneda and this will report to the Technical Assistance Service in less than 24 hours but the non-assistance by this service will not will be grounds for compensation by ImmoBarneda
  • The works that the City Councils or other companies outside ImmoBarneda can carry out in the vicinity or in the same buildings and that may affect the normal development of the client's stay


In the case of cancellations by the client, they will comply with the following rules:

  • If the cancellation occurs 45 days before the date of entry of the client, 15% of the total rental amount will be retained
  • If the cancellation occurs between 21 days and 45 days before the date of entry of the client, 30% of the total rental amount will be retained
  • If the cancellation occurs between 0 days and 21 days before the date of the client's entry, 40% of the total rental amount will be retained
  • If the cancellation occurs once the client has entered the accommodation ImmoBarneda will retain 100% of the total amount delivered by the client in this concept

In the event that once the client has contracted a lodging, it can not be delivered, IMMOBARNEDA undertakes to deliver another accommodation of similar or higher category and in case of not being able to satisfy the customer, return the amount of money that has been delivered to IMMOBARNEDA for this management of mediation

Expenses of destination

Extra add-ons

Plugins included

Air conditioning: Included

Towels: € 10 (per person)

Heating: Included (depending on dates)

Sheets: € 15 (per person)

Pet Admission: € 30

Garage and Parking: Included

Final cleaning: Not included

Bail: 300 €