Real-estate renting in Roses

Whether you are interested in renting a new home in Roses or if you are the owner of a property, at Barneda agency we take care of everything. We fully manage the leasing of real-estate.


Purchase-Sale of housing in Roses

Whether you are interested in buying a new home or if you would like to sell your property, at Barneda agency we take care of everything. We manage all aspects of both buying and selling real-estate.


All of our services

We offer you our advice and services when selling or renting. You can be suer that we will always be at your disposal. We are a company dedicated to sales and rentals, not only of apartments, studios, apartments, houses/villas, country-estates, plots of land, but also of the promotion of new constructions.

We are also by your side to advise and manage everything need for purchasing/selling (mortgages, legal procedures, etc.). Currently, we have a wide selection of country-estates, both for sale and for rental. Our company can be defined with three words: reliability, reliability, reliability. If you need more information about us or the property we have available, please contact us.

  • Rentals
  • Buying and Selling
  • Advisory service, guarantees, personalised service
  • Refurbishing
  • New construction
  • Interior Architecture Decoration
  • Projects and Management
  • Repairs and Maintenance
  • Real Estate Remodelling
  • Foreign Resident ID and Certificate of Registration EU residence
  • Taxes - Assets and Income Statements
  • Budgets for the insurance of any type of country-estate
  • Mortgage procedures
  • Property registration
  • Procedures for the Certificate of Occupancy and Blue Bulletin



To manage all our properties optimally and satisfy our customers.


Transparency in transactions, guarantees in the procedure and satisfaction in the result.


Our team of great professionals, with extensive experience in the different areas of the promotion of real estate, work to make our clients' dreams come true on a daily basis. The Barneda Agency brand is synonymous with guaranteed high quality.